Serie TX560

NAZDAR TX650 Series Dye Sublimation Inkjet Inks

The TX650 Series Inks are water-based, dye-sublimation high-density ink formulated specifically for use on a range of Wide Format digital printers. Designed for printing onto paper before being heat transferred onto polyester based fabrics and coated rigid substrates, TX650 ink is ideal for an array of transfer applications from producing sportswear garments to outdoor signage.

The primary features are as follows:
• Bright, vibrant and clean colors
• Superior fastness properties
• Excellent release properties giving superb transfer definition and color
• Reliable printer performance
• Industry leading warranty
• Excellent outline definition

• Polyester and polyamide fabrics
• Spandex™
• Lycra™
• Mixed synthetic fabrics
• Minimum polyester content 60%
• Pre-coated ceramics
• Metals and plastics

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